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ION Refrigerant Dryer

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ION Refrigerant Dryer

ION Refrigerant Compressed Air Dryer


ION Dryer offer a reliable and simple solution. The compressed air needs to be dried. This units remove water from the air.
Dry Compressed air saaves money :
- Protect your pipes
- Protect your machine
- Protect your production


1. Environmentally friendly refrigerant R404 or R407

2. High efficiency hermetic compressor and top brans of componens

3. Adopted with high-efficienc plate fin exchanger to achieve maximum heat exchanging efficiency

4. Lower pressure drop, less than 0.021 MPA.

5. Fully automatic condensate drain valves

Tech Spec :

  • Freon R404 or R407
  • Cooling System : Air Cooled (Water cooled variant available)
  • Operating Pressure : 6 - 15 bar
  • Pressure Dew Point : 2 - 10°C
  • Max Ambient Temperature : 40°C. Well-ventilated and dust free place
  • Max Intet Temperature : ADH < 80°C, ADL < 45°C
  • Capacity up to 410 M³/Min is available
  • Stainless Steel pipe & heat exchanger variant available