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Chemical for Cleaning Cooler

Chemical for Cleaning Cooler

Carbon Remover, water base


SCR 2013 is water soluble, emulsifiers and wetting agent. SCR 2013 is very effective in the removal of carbon deposits commonly found on oil cooler, heat exchanger, compressor, soil from automotive parts, marine equipment,etc.

Where used :
SCR 2013 is recommended for use in industrials, shipyard, buildings, etc.

Benefits :

  • Economical
  • Safe for environment and safe for metal surface.
  • Non toxic, biodegradable.



Technical data SCR 2013 :

  • pH : > 10
  • Flammable : Non flammable
  • Odor : No significant odor
  • Solubility : Complete in water
  • Apperance : Liquid colorless

Instructions :

  • Protect eys and skin with appopriate safety items.
  • If neccesary can dilute with fresh water.
  • Spray SCR 2013 solution into any washable surfaces and allow approximately a five minutes contact time for best results.
  • Rinse thoroughly with fresh water or tap water.