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Screw Compressor Filter

Screw Compressor Filter

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Oil Separator
Oil separator is a key part to decide the quality of screw air compressor. It can insure the air quality under the correct mounting and use. The service life could be up to four thousand hours. The service life could be up to four thousand hours. The compresssed air carries oil big and small drops. The big ones are easy to be separated. But the suspended small oil particles must be filtered by using the glass fiber filter layer in micron of the oil separator.

We ensure oil separator we produced has special and fine features such as long service life, low differential pressure, high efficiency, easy for replacement and strong reliabiltiy, which can reduce operation cost of customers. 

Air Filter
The air filter can filter dust in air in largest degree and initially filter air importantly, which is the first barrier to protect filter parts, valves, mainframe and lubrication oil of air compressor. Comparing with low quality air filter element, fine once can much more effectively filter impurity in air so as to extend service life of mainframe oil separator element and oil filter element. Fine air filter element can protect lubricating oil from contamintaion and increase operation efficiency and life of air compressor.

Oil filter
Oil filter acts as fine filter in the system of machine oil filter. Oil filter can not only filter particle contamination such as dust and metal particle, but filter glue material in oil and reduce probability of jam, so as to effectively extend service life of machine bearing and running parts such as male and female rotors.